Posted by Nobody on 3 March 2017

We will be around at Abbeydale Park over the next four Saturdays to take end of season team photos for the Dinner Newsletter and Club Website.
We would like to take team photos before teams play and if you can make sure that your team is ready, fully kitted up, before you do whatever it is you do before a game we would be grateful!
We will be photographing regardless of the weather!
The only team that will not be on Abbeydale turf is M9s who have a game at 13:50 at King Ecgbert School on 18 March and also, handily, M3s are on at Abbeydale at 13:30 and as they should have been snapped before their game tomorrow (4 Mar) leaving the photogrpaher time to get to KE to snap M9s.
If there is anyone not available on the dates below that you would like to include in the photo then Andy P will need a head and shoulders shot of them emailed to him at and he will photoshop them in!

PHOTO-SHOOT SCHEDULE (match start times shown)
Sat 4 March: 10:15 - M7; 11:45 - M4; 13:30 - M3; 15:00 - W2; 16:30 - W4.
Sun March 5 13:30 - M1.
Sat 11 March: 10:15 - M6; 15:00 - M2.
Sat 18 March: 10:15 - M5; 11:45 - M8; 13:50 (KE) - M9; 15:00 - W1; 16:30 - W3.

Andy Pettigrew
07936 515230

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