SHC Weekly Red'Un 4 November 2017

Posted by Andrew Pettigrew on 31 October 2017

SHC Weekly Red'Un 4 November 2017
Weekly hockey results, tables and stats for Sheffield HC
(Includes results, etc., for 28/29 October)
You can either view this as a very early Red'Un for 28 Oct, or as a late Red'Un for 21 Oct with all yesterday's results and tables, etc., in!
Some info about future matches to be added but that will happen 'on the fly,' later today!

Match reports get added to the Sheffield HC Website and to the SHC NEWSLETTER when we get round to publishing again! - 300 words minimum and please use people's first AND last names - not everyone knows everyone else in the Club!
Email match reports to Andy P at or add to the new Sheffield Hockey Club 2017 Facebook page

Just a reminder to team captains that ALL results, with goal scorers and how goals are scored and any cards issued with player's first and last name, need to be texted to Andy Pettigrew at 07936 515230 as soon after the end of the match as possible...
...or add to the Sheffield Hockey Club 2017 Facebook page from where I can pick it up

Andy P


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