SHC M1 0-0 Lichfield

Posted by Nobody on 8 November 2015


Sheffield Hallam 0-0 Lichfield

Sheffield  and Lichfield (white shirts) observe a minutes silence before their 0-0 draw.
There's very little to report from this one. In the run up to the game, Sheffield would have been expecting maximum points against the bottom placed team. Maybe that was the problem. Perhaps, having raised their game to beat Deeside two weeks ago, too many felt simply by turning up for this one would result in three points. 
Too many times the ball was won, and then turned over all too quickly. Perhaps even more than when losing to Loughborough 7-0 earlier this season. Too many times the ball was rolled to players rather than fizzed around. Too many times good possession was lost as the ball was run into flat sticks. Too few times the ball was won and then treated with care. Far too often players played at a thousand miles an hour without being patient and looking to build. For too long the team played a man,or even two down. 
So there were chances, but these weren't taken. Andrew Jackson found himself in position to deflect the ball in to the goal but his defensive instincts kicked in got too much stick on the ball and trapped it instead. He was later carried off the pitch with an injured ankle and spent the post match in the minor injuries hospital. Ollie Ashdown went close with a deflection of his own, but his effort sailed high and wide. 
Lichfield could have won it after winning a succession of penalty corners. However, Simon Hujwan stood tall, or rather dived low, to keep the ball out.
Ollie Ashdown is thwarted as he tries to carve open an opportunity.
Sheffield finally opened up the Lichfield defence, David Smith creating a superb opportunity for a reverse stick strike, only for the umpire to blow his whistle to end the game. 
It wasn't a good game. It wasn't the result Sheffield and their supporters would have hoped for. It was Lichfield's first point and they deserved it.  Next up its Durham Uni away. 

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