Player Umpire Rota (Post Christmas)

Posted by Nobody on 2 January 2016

Firstly, thank you to all of you who have umpired matches during the first half of the season as part of the Player Umpire Rota. As always, Adursh (our Umpire Co-ordinator) will endeavour to cover matches with VOLUNTEERS but in the event of there being a shortage, it is the responsibility of each team to have the requisite number of players available to umpire each match allocated to them. There are NO excuses! Not "knowing the rules" certainly isn't one! The new rota is now available (see link below). Every member (over 18) is obliged to be part of the rota. By making yourself available for selection to play, you are also agreeing to be part of the umpiring rota.

Captains are now in a position to know the likely make up of each squad for the remainder of the season. This will allow them to allocate matches based on players' ability to umpire. Where there are Lv 1 qualified umpires, they will be allocated to the more senior matches, where your team is allocated to lower league matches, these will be allocated to less experienced players. Your captain will let you know which match you have been allocated to.

If teams fail in their obligation to provide umpires, the result could be allocated umpires being withdrawn from your match with the responsibility of finding an umpire resting with the offending team. YHA league rules dictate that in the event of a club failing to provide umpires, members of the home team must carry out umpiring duties without those individuals being allowed to play in the match. We have avoided this situation in every single match (bar one) since we started the rota two years ago. This has been down to the help of you guys, Erica/Adursh, captains and the availability of volunteer umpires.

If you have your own equipment (whistle, stopwatch, yellow top and cards) please take it along with you. If not, the captain of the team you are umpiring for should have the equipment ready for you to borrow. They have also been asked to have your £5 expenses ready for you to collect straight after the match.

Many thanks in advance

Cheers Beavo

Player Umpire Rota

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