Mens 2 Vs Chester 1

Date 24 October 2015
Team Mens 2
Opposition Chester 1
Fixture Away
Venue Chester County Sports Club
Start time 12:30
Result L 3 - 4
Time played
Match Report

GS: Grady Wing 1-PS Chris Debney 1-F Luca Lixi 1-PC

CARDS: YELLOW: Conor Jamieson

The morning started well for most, 9am squad Starbucks before we set off to tackle top of the league Chester.
With cracking car music such as 'David Gray - Babylon' and 'Hanson - MMMBop', the mood was hopeful.
On arrival Booth and Crawford's tactical nap (See picture below [????}) was interrupted with the sounds of 'The Game (Triple H) - Motorhead'.
It's safe to say everyone was geared up and ready to get underway within minutes of being fast asleep.
Short but intense warm up and the game was underway. Safe to say Sheffield was on top from the start. Moving the ball around the midfield and connecting passes. Cracking start. Some smooth attacking play down the right and Sheffield were awarded a penalty flick.
Arms everywhere, voices raised but one man emerged from the crowd to steal the limelight early doors, up step Grady Wing.
Taking all the emotion out of the moment, Wing slammed it above the keepers left shoulder, ruthless. Shortly after the restart Sheffield found themselves 2-0 up thanks to a Debney goal! With everything running smoothly a quick free hit taken outside the 25, Chester took advantage of an unorganised Sheffield defence pulling it back to 2-1. Soon after this, Lixi slipped on the ball at CH leaving Jameson with his pants down against 2 Chester attackers.
Hold the middle and Q the chop. Penalty flick and a 5 minute yellow.
Tactical foul.
Full deserved.
At least he ate sand.
Parkinson vs Tin Tin.
Tin Tin launches the ball top left only for Josh 'the cat' Parkinson to be equal to it.
Should of taken a leaf out of Grady Wings how to take a pen flick manual.
2-1 at the break, Sheffield started the second half strong despite having 10 men with a half court.
A patch of high pressure from Chester lead to some cheap turnovers in midfield and the top of the league outfit showed their worth to score 2 quick goals to take the lead. 3-2 down and for the first time in the game Sheffield were behind.
Short corner won for Sheffield and BANG, the Italian Stallion, Luca Lixi, straight into the roof of the net from the rebound.
Chester however weren't done yet by doing pretty much the exactly the same as what we just did. 4-3 the game finished. Devastated.
To sum up the performance from the 2s boys, Chester's coach described us as the best team they've played this year.
An unfortunate end but many positives to be taken from today.
Other notable mentions:
- Shoutouts to the parents of Parkinson, Jameson and Booth for making the journey (New Age Ultras).
- Adam Cliffe for keeping the Chester bench warm for majority of the game.
- Ed Crawford for not conceding any short corners.
- Luca Lixi for an eventful debut.
- Umpires, they get a lot of stick but credit where credit it due they were very good today.
- DoD, Akishay for being late/unsocial and not joining us for a coffee.
- MoM, Jameson for spreading the play like butter on bread and doing a job at running 1 on shorts. (Yes, you read this right, it is possible to get a yellow and MoM in the same game) Could of been down to the Spag Bol Brammer cooked last night.

Toon uni at home next week who sit 2nd in the table. The results will come, watch this space

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