Ladies 3 Vs Louth 1

Date 3 October 2015
Team Ladies 3
Opposition Louth 1
Fixture Away
Venue The Pavilion, Louth
Start time 13:00
Result L 0 - 1
Time played
Match Report

After a 2 hour drive through the beautiful fields of who knows where we arrived at Louth* (however it is pronounced: Lowth/Looth?!?).
After a good warm up we took to the field with loads of intensity.
A great first 15mins with some lovely 1-2's and some early shots at goal which were, unfortunately, not converted.
Some good end to end play followed with impressive saves from Caitlin and some solid defence by Rachel, Chris and Jen.
Towards the end of the first half Louth cleverly intercepted our 16-yard hit and made a strong break for goal, however 1-0 down we kept our heads up and really kept in the contest, going for every 50-50 ball and bringing it back up to our front line.
Again, nice 1-2s from Miriam, Tomi and Nancy.
After an inspirational half time talk from Marni, the team returned to the pitch hungry to put this Louth side away!!
Sheffield dominated the second half.
There were great supporting runs in the midfield from Nancy, Tash, Tomi, Lucy T and Lucie M, who were effectively feeding Miriam, Sarah and Helen with awesome balls.
Jen and Izzy were in perfect positions to break down Louth's attacking balls at the 25 and sending them straight back up to our forwards.
Unfortunately, despite at least 4 attacking short corners during the second half, we were sadly unable to convert any due to the excellent Louth defence. Positives from the shorts were good runs to the posts and lots of different slips and hits attempted. Hopefully in time these will pay off!
It was a very hard-fought and closely-matched game in terms of ability and a draw was easily in our reach.
With so much of the match spent in the attacking D, we will be working hard on conversion to ensure the score-line reflects the amount of possession in our attacking D.
Although the result was slightly disappointing, the teas were immense! With Jen phoning her mum for a post-match report she was mainly heard reporting the array of cake available.
Girl of the game went to Nancy for getting into great spaces and always finding the pass.
Louth struggled to put tackles in against her as she was showing off her super skills!

*IPA Pronounciation for Louth : laʊθ


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