Ladies 2 Vs Dewsbury 1

Date 7 November 2015
Team Ladies 2
Opposition Dewsbury 1
Fixture Home
Venue Abbeydale Park
Start time 11:45
Result D 3 - 3
Time played
Match Report

GS: Lucy Woodward 46,56-F,PC Fran Hoyland 70-PC (overtime corner!)

Sheffield Ladies 2s vs Dewsbury – spelt with a D, not a J as I have now learnt!
Spirits were high coming into the game this week following last Saturday’s 7-0 win, although this did not reflect in our slow start, which wasn’t good as Dewsbury meant business.
Not long into the first half they made a break, to which Steph came out to and the player unfortunately managed to get it through her legs.
Although we had a lot of the possession, Dewsbury were managing to make the odd break which were often stopped short after by our defensive line, although a foot in the D lead to a short corner, where Dewsbury were able to do a (pretty hard) straight strike into the back of our goal.
Our heads dropped, and we continued to play down to their level for the rest of the half, not using the transfers and short passes that Butler has been drilling into us for weeks – the less I say the better about the first half!
After a strong-worded team talk from Butler, we came back on to the pitch raring to go, although the second half didn’t start out quite as well as we would have hoped with Dewsbury making a break with the ball being lifted over Georgie’s head, which meant a 1:1 with Steph and unfortunately resulted in their 3rd goal.
This was apparently wake-up call that we needed, as we began playing together as a team and actually put some of the things Phil has been preaching into practice.
The transfers started to be used, and we began using our speed and passing it round their static players.
This lead to our first goal (finally) by Lucy after a bit of scrappy defence she was able to push it into the back of the net.
Following this we maintained the pressure and continued to have the majority of the possession, although a couple of close shaves with Dewsbury making breaks, the defensive line and Steph were cool as a cucumber, apart from when Slack was falling over.
The maintenance of this pressure lead us to our second goal from Lucy, a straight strike from a short corner straight into the bottom right of the goal.
As time counted down, and we got more and more hungry for another goal which we so deserved, Dewsbury mastered the art of time wasting, although we were able to get another short corner just in the nick of time.
This consisted of a left slip slap from Slack tipped in by Fran at the last minute letting us walk away with a 3-3 draw.


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