Mens 7 Vs Barnsley 1

Date 17 October 2015
Team Mens 7
Opposition Barnsley 1
Fixture Away
Venue TBC
Start time 00:00
Result L 1 - 5
Time played
Match Report

GS: Jamie McKane 1-F

Darton Community Centre is not our favourite ground.
Perched on a hill, the wind sweeps across the pitch mercilessly, a bit like Barnsley’s muscular hockey players.
Last time we visited they stuck seven past us while the wind blew the goals across the back line towards the fence.
A slight improvement this time!
They started quicker than us, and were soon putting our goal under pressure.
We had a short lull in play while Barnsley complained that not many of us had numbers on our backs – It was only two hours before the pushback that we twigged that they played in red, so white shirts of varying quality abounded.
Having got over that, they swept into the lead, scoring twice in quick succession before we managed to put together a smooth move, finished by Jamie McKane. The third goal for them was a bit of a horror, and a fourth was also added before half-time.
We had been 4-0 down last week, so we knew we could keep competing when under pressure.
The second half was much tighter, with Barnsley scoring just once, while we had a flurry of short corners and went close on a couple of occasions.
Some of us repaired to the Rose and Crown (refurbished), and waited while the landlady went out to buy some chips, for the traditional “greasy chip butties” (Sheffield United reference for all you Blades fans!) which eventually arrived and were consumed with relish (once we could get those pesky little sachets open).
We discussed our forthcoming trip to Hull, City of Culture, which we were looking forward to, before Will McKane decided his rock band had a revival gig next Saturday (Leeds Arena was it?)and that he would be unavailable. Sounded like a poor excuse to me.......


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