Mens 2 Vs NestonSouthWirral 1

Date 26 September 2015
Team Mens 2
Opposition NestonSouthWirral 1
Fixture Away
Venue TBC
Start time 00:00
Result L 1 - 2
Time played
Match Report

GS: Ethan Chapman 1-F

With the inspirational words of the finest role of our vice chairmen Mark Beavis ringing in our ears: "make sure you pay your subs!"
We piled into the cars on Saturday morning for our away trip to sunny Neston.
Shoutout to Chris Debney for allowing players to attend the "Big Baps" food van for a healthy pre game snack.

We arrive to the finest of slow golf being played on an scorcher at a surprisingly nice place, considering how close to Liverpool we were.
After our mighty leader, Josh Parkinson, forgot his white board, we ran through our team tactics in the dressing room mirror.
Veteran Adam Fletcher, using his ageing wisdom, provided a marker pen.

We took to the pitch with the aforementioned Fletcher practising a drag flick into the top corner to try and intimidate the opposition.
It is safe to say this did not succeed.
The game began with Sheffield relentlessly passing the ball around the back three with what could be described as "like watching Barcelona".
Some familiar manoeuvres from the super chair Ed Crawford and the wonder kid Tom Brammer resulted in the first penalty corner.
This was brilliantly defended by SHC's wonderkid, saving face for the Neston keeper by expertly clearing it rather than scoring.
More and more attacks from Sheffield and more and more short corners, but nothing PREVAILED.

The press was in full flow and the oppositions half backs were using the wrong end of their sticks but the mighty white and blues had happy Gilmore banging in the minds "just tap it in".
A series of shorts followed, which seemed to go on for longer than the wait for Joe Horne at the Champ this morning.

Half time arrived and various citrus fruits were passed around and positivity was flowing.
What we needed to do was to put the ball in the bloody goal!

Second half started and an early short corner wasn't scored whilst the sky remained blue and the grass still green.
Then suddenly the Sheffield defence were caught out and Jamie "The Tooth" Atkinson was brave enough to give away the rarest of penalty strokes.
Kieron would have saved it.
We were 1-0 down.
A reply was wanted and eventually Ethan Chapman decided to pull his finger out and actually do some hockey.
A reverse shot, which should have been saved, brought the teams level and Sheffield smelt blood.

However, another scrappy attack from Neston ended up with super chair Ed Crawford putting all of his body on the line to no avail and Sheffield found themselves 2-1 down.
Sheffield proceeded to throw everything they had.
Short corner routines, passes, shots and anything else you can think of.

After leaving it all on the pitch, except for goals, the full time whistle blew.
Some flowers were presented to the mother of the glorious leader and some showers and beers and fines took place.
Things to work on: scoring more than the opposition.


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